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ProQual-I.T., Inc. is a company founded on one basic principle: Quality Engineering Services. With the plethora of I.T. businesses today, the only way to truly be successful is to deliver services and products that are superior to the competitions’. ProQual-I.T. succeeds in this endeavor by setting high quality standards, and then ensuring that these standards guide the development of the company’s products, customer relations, and employees. A fundamental belief at ProQual-I.T. is that by setting a fixed “quality bar” at a high level, the projects and people (namely, the customers and employees) influenced by the resultant standards will move toward those standards.


Too often today, for various reasons, quality standards are lowered. Consequently, the products follow suit, and the company is not far behind. This is something that ProQual-I.T. resists with utmost passion. The members of the ProQual-I.T. team believe in the Principle of High Quality very strongly. In fact, quality itself has direct bearing on the type and number of customers and employees with whom ProQual-I.T. seeks to do business. That is, the company actively seeks customers with quality ideals, as well as employees who are truly dedicated to these ideals. In this fashion, ProQual-I.T. treats customers and employees on the same level, with the same respect, realizing the importance of both within the company’s structure; quality customers need and deserve the best partners to meet their needs. Operating in this fashion creates a quality culture in which all parties (customers and employees) can thrive.

Positive Spiral

Proqual Spiral
Proqual’s Positive Spiral

At the heart of the company’s “positive spiral” is the quality culture that flourishes within the company. We don’t just talk about quality; we actively seek it, employ it, and demand it. Quality is part of us. By creating a culture in which excellence prospers, the “positive spiral” grows stronger. The culture draws quality-conscious individuals closer to its center, driving the company and its customers to new heights. As the culture grows stronger, so does its “pull” and influence.

We believe that our culture requires quality to be the “fuel” for our system, but that it is also a valuable derivative of the system itself. Our company is driven by the very culture that grows stronger as quality within the company increases. In this fashion, our company creates the energy it needs to survive. Consequently, we believe that improvements in our customers’ and employees’ “quality of life” are a driving force behind our quest for superior quality, as well as a byproduct of our culture. Indeed, this is an extremely valuable feedback loop.

Since ProQual-I.T. runs on its major product (i.e., quality), we have a healthy and stable organization. Recognizing that quality is the key to our survival, we treat it very seriously. Our quality standards are the shared vision upon which the company is built.


ProQual-I.T., Inc. is privately funded, was incorporated as a Maryland corporation in 2004, and is headquartered in Rockville, MD.

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