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General Overview

ProQual-I.T. is constantly searching for highly-skilled I.T. professionals that care deeply about the quality of their work. Quality-minded individuals are at the core of our company. Without them, our culture cannot survive. On the other hand, by forming the proper group of individuals within the company, our team truly believes that we can achieve great things. We think that there's more to a company than the “bottom line” on our profit report and the size of our workforce. We believe that our greatest accomplishment is the company itself.

People who fit well into our company generally have the following characteristics:

A strong desire for excellence

We view our work as a craft. And as professional craftsmen, we will not compromise the quality of our products, no matter how large or small the task.

A willingness to share and learn within the team, and a respect for each other

The Pursuit of Excellence is a life-long endeavor. We all continuously grow in two main ways: by learning from others, and by teaching others. Our teammates achieve excellence by doing both. We know how to give and receive constructive criticism, and realize that this is an essential part of building team cohesion. We are always willing to consider each others' opinions and often find that our best solutions result from a hybrid of many individuals' ideas.

A thirst for knowledge and new experiences

We feel that the best engineers are, by nature, exploratory. While the members of our team have solid skills in the engineering discipline, we also realize the importance of pushing ourselves into new areas. Great engineers are not afraid to try new things, and accept trials and tribulations as part of that process. We all enjoy a challenge, and find great triumph in our most arduous tasks.

An innovative personality

Thinking of a new way to solve a problem can put the team on the road to success.

A no-quitter state of mind

Every great accomplishment at first seems impossible. But with time and dedication, even the highest mountain can be climbed.

A desire to make a difference, do something useful with their career, and be a part of something larger than themselves

We respect professionals who want to “do something”, and who would rather work than “slack”. We are not threatened by the talented and productive individuals within our team; in fact, our teammates welcome and prefer the opportunity to be a part of such a team, and encourage the growth of all personnel in order to accomplish greater feats.

A high level of integrity and ethics

Trust and respect for each individual within the organization help make our foundation strong. Trust and respect for any one person are byproducts of that individual's integrity and ethical standards. In terms of quality, we feel the same about our employees and our products: the highest quality standards produce the best results. If we demand high quality products, we must also require high quality individuals within the team.

A blend of optimism, realism, and leadership

Because our employees believe they can accomplish great things together, we do so. We also are realistic about our pursuits, keeping our customers’ and the team's best interests at heart. We are not afraid to lead when we have to do so, and are trained to know when we should lead and when we should follow.

A good attitude

As the saying goes, attitude is everything. People with the right attitude can make the difference between a good work environment and a great one.

Employee Relations

The top management of ProQual-I.T. believes that the best thing that they can do is provide a company where the team as a whole can prosper. By doing so, the positive spiral grows stronger:

  • The company gains recognition.
  • Quality-minded customers seek our support; we meet and exceed their needs.
  • Engineers in search of “the right company” discover ours and join us.

As a result, the company's employee relations are based on a few simple rules:

Seek the best employees

We perceive our hiring process as a talent search, not an employee search. We screen our candidates well, and believe that those individuals truly in search of a quality company will respect our process. We believe that we owe it to our customers to find the best and brightest employees; to not do so is a disservice to our customers and employees.

Give back to the employees

We strongly promote profit sharing, since we feel that those who contribute to the company's success should share in it. Management also believes that employees who have a vested interest in the company are the best employees.

If you think that you would fit well within our company and wish to be considered for a position, please contact us.

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