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Digital Imaging

No one contests the fact that Digital Imaging is a rapidly-growing area in today’s commercial marketplace, as is evident by the growth of Digital Cameras. At ProQual-I.T., we see this rapidly-expanding sector as an opportune market that fits well with our expertise. That is, through our in-depth experience in the world of biometrics, we have substantial knowledge of Digital Image Processing. The fact is that proper Digital Image Processing is at the core of any biometric system, since biometric applications (such as fingerprint and facial recognition systems) critically depend upon accurate and reliable methods to capture, transfer, process, store, and retrieve high-quality digital images. By leveraging the Digital Image Processing experience which we have gained within our biometrics work, we feel that commercial Digital Imaging is a large and favorable market in which we can gain a solid foothold. Millions of digital images have been processed through our biometrics systems. ProQual-I.T. believes that we can apply the same basic image processing principles to the commercial sector.

Moreover, we bring a wide range of technical expertise to an industry that desperately needs highly-skilled I.T. individuals (e.g., personnel with Web development capabilities). This is due to the fact that the traditional workers in this marketplace (such as photographers) generally do not possess these skills. Consequently, our team complements workers within the Digital Imaging industry by supplying them with services to advance their businesses, carrying them forward into the era of Digital Image Processing.

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