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General Overview

ProQual inverted T
ProQual Service Model

At ProQual-I.T., we model our technical services as an “inverted T”. At the base of this model lie the foundational skills that are necessary to succeed in the I.T. community:

  • Competent, well-organized, highly-motivated, visionary leaders.
  • Mid-level managers who serve as the bridge between our upper-management and developers. Individuals in this tier must possess the skills of our development staff, while focusing on the company's visions. These individuals ensure that the company's visions are properly put into action.
  • A development staff (System Engineers, Software Engineers, etc.) who possess engineering skills that span the entire lifecycle:
    • Requirements Derivation and Specification
    • System Design
    • Software Development Languages
    • Testing Skills
    • Capabilities in Operations & Maintenance, as well as Configuration Management

While we pride ourselves on taking a system/product from inception to implementation, we also find great utility in providing some customers with selected portions of our set of skills. With our well-qualified management staff and our more-than-capable technical staff, we have built the foundation to achieve most technical challenges. In fact, one of our core beliefs is that the vast majority of technical challenges can be overcome if a competent management team is active. Upon this strong foundation is where we push into our various growth sectors. We currently focus our efforts in the following areas:

  • Healthcare — providing services and software to assist practices in managing patient data
  • Biometrics — the science that utilizes a person's biological traits to measure the identity of that person
  • Digital Imaging — with concentration in the commercial sector, meeting the needs of both professional and amateur photographers

We continually seek to judiciously build our company in other (vertical) directions that we deem to be appropriate. Our hope is that, over time, we will branch into other areas that fit well with our core competencies. We want to see our business succeed, and realize that we can do this through careful construction upon our foundation.

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