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Practice Guardian is a multi-functional online system designed to meet the needs of today’s healthcare providers. It allows your staff to be better-organized, more efficient, cost-effective and well-informed. In addition, it allows for more accurate patient information, a reduction in waiting room times, and easier scheduling.


Practice Guardian’s on-line SMART scheduling is much more than an online-appointment calendar. It allows patients to see physicians’ schedules and find the right physician and times that work best for them. It also utilizes patients’ medical information to offer the right appointments.

Automated Electronic Recalls

Go paperless! Recalls can be automated through emails and text alerts, saving time, effort, and money for your staff. It also provides new methods to remind your patients — keeping them happy and healthy and keeping your practice growing.


Practice Guardian is extremely flexible. Its open data exchange supports a total integrated solution with your existing practice management system. It supports a customizable summary sheet to highlight the most relevant patient data and streamline patient in-take and processing. It also integrates into your website, allowing you to maintain your branding.


No contracts and an open data exchange eliminates lock-in risks and gives you consumer freedom. Also, with a secure web-based application, we’ll take care of the IT infrastructure, freeing you to take care of your patients and business!

Read more at Practice Guardian’s website.

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